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Time Space and Art Gallery

A Parable for Children Of All Ages.


This is a Book written in children's style but with a deep message for people of all ages. It is a metaphor for the journey we all travel. This is a timeless universal story, teaching the lesson that we all come from the same place, have the same job to do and will be returning to the same source.
Illustrated by Internationally known artist Marsha Clapp. Written by Kay Brooks, B.A. M.S. Kay has 10 years of experience in the field of social work, primarily with families and children

$12.95 + tax and postage. 25 page book with darling song at the end written by Kay. 9 illustrated pages. 9"x11.5" Some pages are slightly wrinkled by printer, but does not distract from the essence of the book. GOD'S GRACE PUBLISHING, P.O.Box 341 Angleton, Texas 77516